Structural Concrete Canopy Repairs Hong Kong

Structural Concrete Canopy Repairs Hong Kong

Structural concrete canopy repairs in Hong Kong are common, since this is a place that has a lot of buildings with canopies. Naturally, there is therefore real demand for maintenance and repairs to be carried out, too.

The issues that can impact structural concrete canopy repairs in Hong Kong are problems that can occur with any type of concrete structure. These include cracking and also spalling, which is when concrete flakes off or comes away in larger slabs. While canopies are created to guard against the rain and the city-state’s strong sunshine, the tropical climate in Hong Kong does pose some challenges.

For example carbonation, which has a higher prevalence in older developments where the use of less concrete creates a more porous surface. Chlorides from saltwater impact reinforced steel in concrete, causing corrosion. With this corrosion comes the added burden of concrete potentially breaking away. Meanwhile, the weather also impacts canopies, with monsoon rains lashing down and hot and humid conditions much of the time, too.

With the external environmental elements taking their toll on canopies, cracks can appear due to this harsh exposure. Corrosive activities and spalling are strong indicators that repairs need to be carried out without delay. This work can encompass a simple patching up or a major replacement of materials.

Damaged edges of canopies can be remediated with the concrete that is damaged or loose removed. A disc cutter can be used, with the steel reinforcement remaining intact. Often an aggregate with a certain cement and sand ratio is mixed to match the original concrete, as in some cases concrete cannot be used for one reason or another, often connected with weight.

Many canopies can be repaired from below, whereas where the reinforcement is corroded and the concrete has spalled, a hole may be made and filled with concrete as a fairly straightforward repair process. Sometimes, reinforcements need to be cleaned after the concrete has been removed and the steel is exposed. Following this, an anticorrosion coating may be also applied as well.

Cracks can be filled, but concrete may not be used for this. Where lime mortar is used instead, perhaps in the case of cracking due to expansion and contraction as a result of heat changes, these repairs will need to be monitored. Further repair work may be needed down the road.