• HKIAS – Welding Inspection
  • HOKLAS – Construction Materials      
  • HOKLAS – Calibration Services
  • BSI-OHAS 18001:2007
  • BSI-EMS 14001:2015

Our Mission:

To serve our clients’ best interests, we provide our professional services in a creative, innovative and cost-effective manner. And to this end, we are committed to the development of our collective experience and the skills of our staff.

Our IMS Policy:

1. We will ensure, understand and continuously fulfill customer requirements and applicable law and regulations.

2. Identify and respond to the risks and opportunities that can affect the compliance of products and services and enhancing the ability to satisfy customers.

3. Ensure the IMS policy and objectives are built for all personnel, and ensure those policy and objectives are aligned with the strategic direction along with the environment of the organization.

4. Ensure that the resources needed for the IMS are available to the personnel.

5. Communicate the importance of quality, environmental, occupational health & safety and the importance of IMS requirements. The related communication shall be circulated to all personnel under the organization and any interested parties.

6. Analyse the effect of activity, products and services to quality, environmental, occupational health & safety accordingly to the customer’s requirement; develop and implement the IMS objectives, and carry out full IMS activities under allowed technical and financial circumstances in order to achieve continual improvement.

7. Take into account customer’s feedback/ complaints and react to any  issues as soon as possible.

8. The IMS objectives and the internal and external factors that affect the ability to achieve expected results will be updated through regular management reviews.