Soils Testing Hong Kong

Why Soils Testing is so Important

There are many building regulations that need to be adhered to during and also following the construction of a building, be it a residential property or a commercial premises. From the outset though, the main consideration has to be what is required before construction even begins. At the root of this are the foundations themselves, and before these are put in place, it is absolutely essential that soils testing is carried out. Without these results and analysis there is no way that a builder, architect or developer can truly map out and plan the construction of a building of any type. The whole project rests, quite literally, on how suitable the soil is for particular building plans.

HOKLAS soils testing in Hong Kong assesses the unique composition of soil on a city plot and in a particular area. What these tests are looking for is whether the soil is sandy or more clay-like, if it is compact and how dense it is. Contamination is also an important element that needs to be ruled out, too. One of the issues that plagues development in this part of the world is the prevalence of subterranean termites which can threaten the structure of buildings. Identifying this prior to construction can inform a developer of the best course of action, such as adding a barrier between elements of the build and the termites.

Another word for soils testing is geotechnical investigation, and what this ultimately determines is if the ground, the soil, is suitable, safe, solid and stable enough for construction. With a large development, the soil structure could change and these variables need to be taken into consideration and dealt with, too.

In Hong Kong many buildings are developed close together. However, it cannot be taken as read that the soil on a particular plot does not vary substantially from the ground of a neighbouring plot. Testing can dictate if any alterations need to be made in the laying of the foundations as well as on the materials used and the processes.

All these decisions factor into costs, too. While there may be an initial outlay for soils testing, with subsequent changes to plans costing too, the overall savings in starting a development in the right way cannot be underestimated. Corners cannot be cut from a legal standpoint either when it comes to the integrity of a building as well as safety issues.